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The words
People around the world are living [lengthier / longer] . This means there are more people who suffer from mental illnesses [like / such] dementia. Researchers have found that food can [wield / cut] the chances of developing dementia. In particular, if people eat food that [contents / contains] flavonoids, they could reduce their chances of [get / getting] dementia by a third. Flavonoids are chemicals that give fruit and vegetables their [bright / blight] colours. They help increase the amount of oxygen going [at / to] the brain. They are in produce such [for / as] blueberries, oranges, peppers and strawberries. Researcher Dr Walter Willett from Harvard University said: "A colourful diet [wealth / rich] in flavonoids seems to be a good bet for promoting long-term brain [health / healthy] ."

Dr Willett conducted a study [of / to] the eating habits and mental health of around 77,000 middle-aged people for 20 years. He [discovered / finding] that people who ate more flavonoids were less [likely / liked] to experience signs of cognitive decline later [in / on] their life. The researchers said people who ate more flavonoid-rich food were 38 per cent less likely to suffer [on / from] mental decline. Dr Willett said this [meaning / meant] people in their later years could feel [up / down] to four years younger with the right diet. He added: "Flavonoids are powerhouses when it [goes / comes] to preventing your thinking skills from [reclining / declining] as you get older. Adding colour to your plate may lower the [risk / risky] of cognitive decline."

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