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In the past decade, bugs have become a familiar [site / sight] on dinner tables. [One / Once] reason for this is they are a great [sauce / source] of protein. Another reason is that people are concerned about the environment. [Traditional / Traditionally] livestock farming is detrimental to the environment as it is [general / generally] unsustainable. Raising insects is much more environmentally [friendly / friendliness] . One kilogram of insect protein needs about 10 per cent of [the / a] feed, water and land used to produce the same amount of beef. Experts say farming insects is better for the environment than [rising / raising] livestock. A final reason we may have to eat insects is because of the [rise / raise] in the world's population. By 2050 this is expected to be 9.8 billion, up from the [currant / current] 7.7 billion.

The insect farming industry is [growth / growing] quickly. There are hundreds of companies worldwide creating meals made [for / from] bugs. Many supermarkets around the world now [stock / stick] food made from insects. There are [vendor / vending] machines in Tokyo, Japan where you can [purchase / preach] a can of insect snacks. The menu includes dried tarantula and scorpions. However, not [someone / everyone] is excited by the idea of insects as food. An Israeli insect farmer, Dror Tamir, says there is a "[duck factor" / "yuck factor]" to the thought of eating insects. He said people will get used to the idea and will find insects [tastiness / tasty] . He said: "I am convinced it will soon be [widely / shallowly] accepted, just like eating raw fish in sushi was [embraced / embarrassed] ."

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