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The G20 is a group 19 rich countries plus the European Union. It meets to talk and act major world problems. It has just met to discuss the future Afghanistan. Leaders the G20 promised to stop Afghanistan falling deeper economic chaos. Since the Taliban took Afghanistan in August, the economy has almost collapsed. Germany's leader Angela Merkel said it was essential to help Afghanistan. She said if the country's financial system collapsed, no humanitarian aid could be given. She added: "To look as 40 million people descend chaos because there's no financial system must not be the goal the international community."

The G20 leaders will involve the Taliban sending humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. Mario Draghi, the Italian prime minister and current leader the G20, said: "It is very hard to see how you can help people Afghanistan without involving the Taliban." The EU said it would increase the amount aid it gives the country $1.15 billion. The IMF and World Bank said they would also provide aid but did not say how much. The Taliban's acting foreign minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi, said: "The international community needs to start cooperating us." He said the aid would help the Taliban to stop insecurity the country. He said it would also help the Taliban to "engage positively the world".

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