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The words
The G20 is a group of 19 rich countries [minus / plus] the European Union. It meets to talk about and act on [major / majorly] world problems. It has just met to discuss [a / the] future of Afghanistan. Leaders of the G20 promised to stop Afghanistan falling into [deeper / deepen] economic chaos. Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August, the economy has almost [collapse / collapsed] . Germany's leader Angela Merkel said it was [essence / essential] to help Afghanistan. She said if the country's financial system collapsed, no [humanitarian / humanity] aid could be given. She added: "To look [in / on] as 40 million people descend into [chaos / chaotic] because there's no financial system must not be the goal of the international [commune / community] ."

The G20 leaders will [revolve / involve] the Taliban in sending humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. Mario Draghi, the Italian prime minister and [currant / current] leader of the G20, said: "It is very [hardly / hard] to see how you can help people in Afghanistan without [involvement / involving] the Taliban." The EU said it would increase the amount of aid it gives the country [to / of] $1.15 billion. The IMF and World Bank said they would also provide aid [but / however] did not say how much. The Taliban's [acted / acting] foreign minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi, said: "The international community needs [to / by] start cooperating with us." He said the aid would help the Taliban to stop insecurity [on / in] the country. He said it would also help the Taliban to "engage [positive / positively] with the world".

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