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Technology is an [integer / integral] and often indispensible part of our lives. However, it can also be an [intrusive / intuitive] part, [especially / especial] where the workplace is concerned. Many employers and bosses contact employees outside [of / on] working hours. This means staff can never [entreaty / entirely] switch off from work. The government in Portugal has taken [steps / paces] to limit this incursion into the lives of workers. It has introduced a law that [probates / prohibits] employers and bosses from contacting workers by email, message or phone outside of working hours. The law [applies / complies] to companies with more than 10 employees. It states that any [violation / volition] constitutes a "serious offense" and could result [on / in] financial penalties.

The Portuguese government has introduced the new privacy law after receiving a [derange / deluge] of complaints during the coronavirus lockdowns. An increasing [number / numeral] of employees are now working from home [remote / remotely] because of COVID-19. The research company Gartner estimated that [remote / demote] workers will nearly double to [represent / misrepresent] 32 per cent of the global workforce by the [complete / end] of 2021, compared to 17 per cent in 2019. Portugal's government said: "The employer [must / most] respect the privacy of the worker." The new law also requires employers to provide employees with [an / the] appropriate tools to work from home, and [reimburse / combust] them with any costs [incurred / recurred] to assist with increased energy bills.

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