Speed Reading — Workplace Accidents - Level 4 — 500 wpm

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A court ruled that getting injured at home or your home office is a workplace accident. Judges said walking from your bed to your desk in another room is a commute to work. Any injuries you get on that journey is eligible for compensation. A rule was made in a case where a man slipped down his stairs from his bedroom to his home office and broke his back. The court said the "first morning journey from bed to the home office is an insured work route".

The idea of what a workplace is changed after the pandemic. Millions of people are now working at home. This changes health and safety rules about the workplace and accidents. A question is who is responsible for ensuring a home office follows safety laws. Also, how much an employer is liable for injuries sustained in an employee's home. An expert on employment law said new legislation would be needed to decide future claims.

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