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China's artificial sun five times hotter than real sun






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China set a record for the hottest heat ever. Scientists created a 70,000,000ºC "artificial sun". It was five times hotter than the sun for over 17 minutes. Scientists made the heat in a nuclear fusion reactor called EAST. This reproduces what happens inside our sun. The scientists are making the artificial sun to get lots of clean energy. EAST has cost more than $950 billion. That will be over $1 trillion this year.

Scientists tried for decades to develop nuclear fusion. It is a great way to make clean energy. It needs no fossil fuels and has no dangerous waste. It will make the world greener and cleaner. It could also lower fuel bills. The technology is still not advanced enough for us to use. A nuclear fusion expert says EAST is an important step. He said it "lays a solid scientific and experimental foundation towards the running of a fusion reactor".

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