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The cost of living [crisis / critics] is hitting people's pockets hard all across the world. Soaring oil and gas prices have made [basically / basic] necessities like food, heating and transport [affordable / unaffordable] for many people. In the UK over the past few months, the debate has been [over / above] the shocking dilemma of "heating or eating". Energy prices have more than [doubled / two-fold] this year for many consumers, resulting in [those / them] on low incomes or on benefits facing the [choose / choice] of heating their home, or eating. Life is so [hard / hardly] for some that they do not have enough money to use gas or electricity to [boil / boiling] potatoes. This situation will be exacerbated by rises in contributions to the country's health care system, which come [onto / into] effect next week.

Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown [basted / lambasted] the man responsible [for / by] controlling Britain's finances, chancellor Rishi Sunak. Mr Brown said: "Any [cared / caring] and compassionate chancellor would want to do something about this [impoverished / poverty] ....You cannot ignore the [needy / needs] of parents who are having to choose between putting their heating up and [feeding / fed] their children." He added that it was urgent for the chancellor to act, or the ruling Conservative Party will be [knowing / known] as the "nasty" party. Further price [hikes / trails] and food shortages are on the [horizontal / horizon] as the war in Ukraine will see the price of wheat rise. Government [criticises / critics] are calling for a one-off "windfall tax" on the huge profits of energy companies to help the disadvantaged.

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