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The words
New Zealand is [thinking / thought] about introducing a new tax to help the environment. It wants farmers to [pay / paid] tax on the numbers of farm animals they [do / have] . Sheep, cows and other livestock create a [lot / loads] of methane. This is one of the most [damaging / damaged] greenhouse gases. It is a big [case / cause] of climate change. Animals [realize / release] methane every time they burp or fart. The "burp tax" would take [affect / effect] in 2025. New Zealand has over 20,000 farms. There are around 26 million sheep, 4 million cows and other animals [in / on] the country. James Shaw, New Zealand's climate change minister, said: "There is no question that we need to cut the amount of methane we are putting [into / onto] the atmosphere."

Farming animals [account / accounts] for around 14.5 per cent of global greenhouse gasses. This comes from animals burping and farting, animal [waste / paste] , clearing land for animals and transporting animals. Mr Shaw wants farming to be more environmentally [friends / friendly] . Farmers will have to pay a kind of tax for the methane [their / them] animals produce. Shaw also wants farmers to [charge / change] the way they farm. He wants them to [feed / food] their animals on seaweed instead [at / of] grass. This will produce fewer emissions. Mr Shaw also said farmers can reduce the tax they pay [by / as] planting more trees. Another suggestion is for cows to [wear / wearing] special masks. New Zealand's farmers support the government. They want to do their [bit / bite] to help the environment.

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