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The words
The Eiffel Tower is [one / once] of the world's most famous sights. The 324-metre-tall iron tower [attractions / attracts] millions of tourists to Paris every year. It has been an [iconic / icon] part of Paris' skyline for 133 years. However, it is showing its [old / age] . Engineers recently conducted a [survey / scurvy] of the monument. They found that its metal is full of [trust / rust] . They said it is "in a poor state". They added that if its designer Gustave Eiffel was alive today and saw his [create / creation] , "he would have a heart attack". Engineers say there are many cracks in the iron. The tower needs many [repair / repairs] . A 2016 report on the tower stated there were 698 faults [on /at] the tower. These were serious enough to put the tower's long-term future [on / in] doubt.

Construction of the Eiffel Tower started [in / at] January 1887. It opened to the public on the 31st of March, 1889. It was built [for / to] celebrate the 1889 World's Fair in Paris. Builders needed 10,100 tons [of / on] iron to make the tower. It was made [from / as] 18,000 sections and 2.5 million rivets. The original plan was for the tower to be [taken / taking] down after 20 years. However, the French government changed its [brain / mind] and kept it in [peace / place] . The tower is currently being repainted [heading / ahead] of the 2024 Olympics. Engineers say painting the metal will not make the rust problem [go / gone] away. They say the existing paint needs to be completely removed first. However, this will take too long and the tower would [lost / lose] tourist revenue.

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