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Hollywood heart-throb Brad Pitt has [reveled / revealed] he suffers from facial blindness. This is a neurological [disorder / disorderly] that causes people to find it difficult to recognize people's faces. In more serious [causes / cases] , sufferers can [sketch / draw] a blank when seeing the face of a family member or [ever / even] one's own face. The condition is called prosopagnosia. It is a little-known [ointment / ailment] that afflicts about 1 in 40 people. It often triggers anxiety [as / has] people feel embarrassed in social situations when they struggle [for / to] remember who people are. Sufferers tend [to / on] avoid situations in which they will meet people, and as a result become withdrawn. In extreme cases, they will [be / have] reluctant to leave their home.

Brad Pitt, 58, says he has not [been / done] officially diagnosed with prosopagnosia. He first spoke about [it / them] in 2013. He said nobody believed him when he could not [retell / recall] their name. He worried that people thought he was being "aloof, inaccessible and self-absorbed". He said: "People hate [him / me] because they think I'm disrespecting [them / him] ." He said he has used many strategies to get [around / up] his lack of recall. He asked acquaintances where he had met them [previous / before] , but said that made [the / a] situation worse. He explained: "People were more [defended / offended] ....You get this thing, like, 'You're being egotistical. You're being conceited.'" He hopes speaking about facial blindness will raise awareness [of / on] it.

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