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Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has [purged / urged] his fellow citizens to ditch their neckties to help [save / sieve] energy and the planet. Mr Sanchez made his [please / plea] at a press conference on Friday. He addressed journalists tieless, and called on Spanish people to follow his lead [amid / mid] the country's months-long heatwave. He stated: "I would like you to see [that / what] I am not wearing a tie. I have asked all ministers and public decision-makers to do [likewise / likely] . That means we can all save energy." He added: "I would also like to ask the [privates / private] sector that...they should not wear a tie [neither / either] because, in that way, we will all be [contribution / contributing] to the energy savings that are so [necessary / necessitates] for our country."

Mr Sanchez said Spain would soon adopt ["urgent" / "urgently"] energy-saving measures to tackle the climate crisis, and to reduce its [rely / reliance] on Russian gas. Many other European countries are [done / doing] what they can to be less dependent on Russia for fuel in the [awake / wake] of the Ukraine War. It is [as / was] yet unclear what actions Mr Sanchez will take to save energy. His government has already [set / let] restrictions on the use of air conditioners and heating [applicants / appliances] in the workplace. The recent heatwaves and rising energy prices have taken their [atoll / toll] on Spain. More than 500 people have [passed / past] away in the past two weeks because of the heat. Spain has also introduced a [relief / relieve] package of $9.2 billion to help people pay energy bills.

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