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People's life expectancy in Africa [rose / arose] by nearly 10 years in the first two decades [of / at] this century. In the year 2000, the [averaged / average] African could expect to live to be 46. That rose to 56 in 2019. The World Health Organization said the rise was the best of any [region / regional] in the world over the same period. However, the WHO said Africa was still [considerable / considerably] below the global average of 64 years. The [statistics / statisticians] are from the WHO's State of Health in Africa report, which was issued on Thursday. It attributes the improvement [to / at] better maternal, [newborn / born] and child healthcare, [advice / advances] in fighting infectious diseases (such as TB, malaria and HIV), and the easier access to [essential / essentials] health services.

The WHO report [purged / urged] African nations to keep the momentum going to [assure / ensure] life expectancy rates continue on their upward [trend / trendy] . It called for greater investment in [healthy / health] care systems so that they are better equipped to deal [for / with] the challenges ahead. These include an added strain [on / by] hospitals from a growing population, and the growth of non-communicable diseases like cancer. The WHO said there is a worrying [spoke / spike] in the numbers of Africans experiencing hypertension and [diabetics / diabetes] . The WHO's Regional Director for Africa said: "The progress must not [stall / still] . Unless countries enhance measures...the health gains could be [jeopardy / jeopardized] ."

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