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Egypt is a land of eternal mystery and wonder. It is a paradise for archaeologists hoping to unearth the latest ancient marvel. Archaeologists at an extensive excavation near the northern Egyptian city of Alexandria have just made such a discovery. Kathleen Martinez, an archaeologist at the University of Santo Domingo, has dedicated most of her life to searching for the long-lost tomb of Queen Cleopatra. The queen ruled over Egypt more than 1,000 years ago. Earlier this week, Martinez and her team stumbled upon an amazing find. They uncovered a 1,305-metre tunnel, located 13 metres underground. Architectural design experts have called it an "engineering miracle".

Ms Martinez was elated at the find. She told the CNN news agency about what she found, besides the tunnel. She said: "The excavation revealed a huge religious centre with three sanctuaries, a sacred lake, more than 1,500 objects, statues, golden pieces, and a huge collection of coins portraying Alexander the Great and Queen Cleopatra." Martinez's quest to find Queen Cleopatra's tomb began in 2005. She said: "My perseverance should not be confused with obsession. I simply admire Cleopatra as a historical character." Martinez spoke of the potential importance of her team's work. She said that if the tunnel leads to Cleopatra's tomb, "it will be the most important discovery of the century".

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