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New iPhone instantly measures a person's height






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Smartphones are a wonderful technology. We rely on their features every day. They have many hidden functions that we are unaware of. One is on the new iPhone 14 Pro. This can measure someone's height. You just point your phone camera, click on the Measure app, and get a measurement of how tall a person is. The person whose height you are measuring must stand in front of the camera from head to toe. You can measure your own height in a mirror, but this is not so accurate. A friend should help you. The new Measure app could end arguments about who is the tallest.

The Measure app uses AR and a special sensor that is inside the camera. The sensor uses LiDAR technology. This is "light imaging, detection, and ranging". LiDAR is used to make digital 3D models of areas of the Earth and of the bottom of the ocean. It measures a person's height by sending out light. This light bounces off the person being measured and returns to the sensor. The app measures how long this took and calculates the person's height. The website bgr.com joked that the app, "isn't as cool as drawing lines on a door" to find someone's height.

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