Speed Reading — Frozen Food - Level 1 — 100 wpm

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Japanese food like sushi, tempura and tofu is famous worldwide. A lot of it looks like art. However, Japan's "dish of the year" for 2022 is frozen food. A food website gives a prize every year for new trends in food. In 2022, the Coronavirus pandemic made many people avoid restaurants. They bought frozen food and ate at home. The judges selected a variety of frozen meat and pizzas. They were wrapped in their air-tight bags.

Many food companies experimented with different ways of freezing food. They wanted it to taste good, even after it became unfrozen. A large Japanese supermarket opened a frozen food shop. Japan's convenience stores and vending machines are also selling more frozen food. Changing lifestyles in Japan also increased the popularity of frozen food. Japan has an ageing society. Many older people think frozen food is easier than cooking.

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