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The UK's Prince Harry has a book about his life. It is also about his thoughts on the death of his mother (Princess Diana), his relationship with the press, and a royal. The book is "Spare". The word "spare" means someone or something that only in case another person or thing is lost, , or worn out. The title "Spare" to the fact that Harry would only become the UK's king if his father and brother . The book is a bestseller worldwide. It has been in 16 languages. People waited in line for hours to buy it. In the UK, "Spare" on sale at midnight on Sunday. One of the UK's leading bookstores, Waterstones, said "Spare" been one of its "biggest pre-order titles for a decade".

The book a controversial one. A member of Britain's Royal Family has never so openly before. Harry said the book tells the story about why he his young family to the USA, and why he up his official royal duties. He said the UK press has continually written bad things about his wife Meghan, and on his life with Meghan in a negative way. "Spare" is one way for Harry to his family know his true feelings. The 410-page memoir many personal stories. He about how he fell out with the Royal Family. He his brother Prince William attacked him because he wanted to marry Meghan. He also wrote about the number of Taliban fighters he in Afghanistan when he was a soldier.

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