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The words
The UK's Prince Harry has written [a / the] book about his life. It is also about his thoughts on the death of his mother (Princess Diana), his relationship with the press, and [been / being] a royal. The book is called "Spare". The word "spare" means someone or something that [only / once] exists in case another person or thing is lost, [broke / broken] , or worn out. The title "Spare" refers [to / for] the fact that Harry would only become the UK's king if his father and brother [died / dead] . The book is a bestseller worldwide. It has been [published / publish] in 16 languages. People waited [in / on] line for hours to buy it. In the UK, "Spare" went on [sale / sell] at midnight on Sunday. One of the UK's leading bookstores, Waterstones, said "Spare" has been one of its "biggest pre-order titles for a [decadent / decade] ".

The book is a [controversial / controversy] one. A member of Britain's Royal Family has never spoken [such / so] openly before. Harry said the book [says / tells] the story about why he moved his [young / youth] family to the USA, and why he gave up his official [royally / royal] duties. He said the UK press has continually written bad things about his wife Meghan, and reports on his life with Meghan [in / on] a negative way. "Spare" is one way for Harry to let his family know his [true / truth] feelings. The 410-page memoir [contents / contains] many personal stories. He writes about how he fell [in / out] with the Royal Family. He claims his brother Prince William attacked him because he wanted to [marriage / marry] Meghan. He also wrote about the number of Taliban fighters he killed in Afghanistan when he was a soldier.

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