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Prince Harry has written a book about his life. It is also about his thoughts on his mother's death, his relationship with the press, and being a royal. The book is called "Spare". The word "spare" means something that is only there in case another thing is lost or broken. The title "Spare" points to the fact that Harry would become king only if his father and brother died. The book has been published in 16 languages and is a bestseller. People waited in line for hours to buy it. A leading UK bookstore said "Spare" has been one of its "biggest pre-order titles for a decade".

The book is controversial. A member of Britain's Royal Family has never spoken so openly before. Harry tells the story about why he moved his family to the USA, how he fell out with his family, and why he gave up being a royal. He said the UK press has continually written bad things about him and his wife Meghan. "Spare" is a way for Harry to tell his family about his feelings. The 410-page memoir has many personal stories. He claims his brother Prince William attacked him because he wanted to marry Meghan. He also wrote about the number of Taliban fighters he killed in Afghanistan.

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