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Ramen is very popular around the world. It is a dish of Chinese-style wheat noodles in a rich broth. Common flavours are soy sauce and miso. Common toppings include pork, dried seaweed, and bamboo shoots. The Witch Cat Kwai restaurant in Yunlin, Taiwan has added a new ingredient – crocodile foot. The owner has named the dish "thick witch crocodile ramen". Photos of it have gone viral on social media. Internet users call it "Godzilla ramen". There is a long waiting list to eat at the restaurant. It is fully booked until the end of August.

At $50 a bowl, the Godzilla ramen is not cheap. The chef said the crocodile foot takes about three hours to cook. He prepares just 10 feet a day. He uses 40 types of fresh ingredients. First, he cleans the foot with alcohol. Then, he puts a variety of spices on it. Finally, he puts the foot in the broth for two hours. Some customers are "afraid" to try the dish. However, others really want to try it. The chef said: "A lot of customers say crocodile meat tastes like chicken." In Taiwan, it is legal to farm and eat crocodiles that are not protected species.

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