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The UK's immigration minister Robert Jenrick at the centre of a storm for ordering the removal of children's cartoons from the wall of an asylum centre. News agencies say Mr Jenrick staff at the Kent Intake Unit to murals of Disney characters that were there to asylum-seeking children. The Unit looks after and child migrants who unaccompanied by parents. The BBC said Jenrick reportedly the art sent a message that the UK was "too welcoming". A government spokesperson said: "Our priority is to the boats and the people smugglers." One of the UK government's top five priorities to stop the arrival of asylum seekers on "small boats".

British artists have to the removal of the art by offering their services to the Unit. The celebrated British illustrator and cartoonist Guy Venables has other high-profile artists to works of art that are welcoming for highly distressed child refugees. Mr Venables told The Art Newspaper: "I've offered to the mural…in the refugee centre." Venables was "baffled" that the original murals were over. He it a "display of astonishing, pointless cruelty". He said his artwork might make Jenrick " twice about vandalising several professional national cartoonists' work just to a vulnerable child something fun to at."

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