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The UK's immigration [ministry / minister] Robert Jenrick is at the centre of a [strop / storm] for ordering the removal of children's cartoons from the wall of an asylum centre. News agencies say Mr Jenrick [instructed / insulted] staff at the Kent Intake Unit [to / for] remove murals of Disney characters that were to [soothe / smooth] asylum-seeking children. The Unit looks after and processes child migrants who are [unaccompanied / accompanied] by parents. The BBC said Jenrick [reportedly / reports] believed the art sent a message that the UK was "too welcoming". A government spokesperson said: "Our priority is [for / to] stop the boats and disrupt the people [smuggles / smugglers] ." One of the UK government's top five priorities [are / is] to stop the arrival of asylum seekers on "small boats".

British artists have responded [to / for] the removal of the art by offering their services to redecorate the Unit. The [celebrates / celebrated] British illustrator and cartoonist Guy Venables has [delisted / enlisted] other high-profile artists to create works [of / on] art that are welcoming for [highly / high] distressed child refugees. Mr Venables told The Art Newspaper: "I've offered to [repaint / repent] the mural…in the refugee centre." Venables was "baffled" that the original murals were painted [under / over] . He called it a "display of astonishing, pointless [cruelty / cruel] ". He said his artwork might make Jenrick "think [double / twice] about vandalising several professional national cartoonists' work just to [deny / defy] a vulnerable child something fun to look at."

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