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UN says extreme heat is the new normal






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The UN has warned that extreme heat is "the new normal". There are more heatwaves and they are longer and hotter. In the past week, parts of the USA and China were over 50ºC. In Death Valley, it was 53.9ºC; and in Xinjiang, it got up to 52.2ºC. Japan has issued a heat alert. It asked people to stay in the shade and drink plenty of water. The UN warned the heatwaves could continue for another month.

The UN warned we need to cut greenhouse gas emissions. It said heatwaves are having, "a major impact on human health…and water supplies." It said society needs to "adapt to what is unfortunately becoming the new normal". The heat is making people change their travel plans. They are going to cooler countries. A woman tried to "escape the heat" by going to Rome, but said that was hotter than her hometown in Texas.

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