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The words
The United Nations weather agency has [warned / warmed] that extreme temperatures are "the new normal". Scientists say climate change is making heatwaves longer, hotter and more [frequency / frequent] . Many countries have been experiencing record [hot / heat] weather in the past week. In parts of the USA and China, the mercury went [higher / over] 50ºC (122ºF). In Death Valley, California, it was 53.9ºC; and in Xinjiang, China, it got [up / high] to 52.2ºC. In Spain and Italy, the temperature [rose / risen] to 46ºC. Many European countries and Japan have issued [heart / heat] alerts. They advised people to stay in the [shady / shade] and drink [plenty / enough] of water. The U.N. weather agency has warned Europe's heatwave could continue for [other / another] month.

A spokesperson for the United Nations warned of the [need / necessary] to cut greenhouse gas [emission / emissions] . He said: "Extreme weather is increasing [in / at] frequency in our warming climate. It is having a [major / majorly] impact on human health…and water supplies." He added: "We have to step [down / up] efforts to help society [adapt / adopt] to what is unfortunately becoming the new normal." The European Travel Commission said the extreme heat is making holidaymakers [charge / change] their travel plans. People who used to holiday in Spain, Italy and Greece are choosing to go to cooler countries [rather / instead] . A woman who wanted to "[escape / run] the heat" by going to Rome complained that the Italian [capitalize / capital] was hotter than her hometown in Texas.

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