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Sites like ChatGPT are less than a year old, but they have got people asking questions. One question is whether music produced by AI is real music. The boss of the streaming site Spotify has answered this question. He said a lot of AI is OK for making music. He said Spotify has no plans to ban music created with AI. This includes auto-tune software that helps singers correct their pitch. The boss did not like software that copies the voice of a singer.

The boss said AI in music will be debated for "many years". He said the biggest problem is copying singers. Spotify deleted a song created by an AI platform that copied the voices of the singers Drake, and The Weeknd. The boss said copying singers' voices is a problem because anyone can upload a song "claiming to be Madonna". It will be difficult to know if a song is "sung" by a bot or a human. The boss said the future of music will be "tricky".

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