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France is under attack from a tiny menace – the bedbug. Many videos have been on social media with footage of the bugs around in trains on the Paris metro. Sightings have also been in cinemas, museums, and even at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport. Emmanuel Gregoire, the deputy mayor of Paris, there was a proliferation of the minute creatures. He people by saying his government was taking action to with the "widespread" rise in bedbugs. He also said: "You have to that in reality, no one is safe. Obviously, there are risk factors, but, you can bedbugs anywhere in the world and them home."

France's bedbug problem is not new. Three years ago, the government an anti-bedbug campaign to the incidences of infestations in cities. However, despite several measures, the numbers of the blood-sucking insects have . A new initiative is being to cut bug populations, ahead of the Paris Olympics in 2024. This hiring fumigation companies to help the bugs. Mr Gregoire said: "There no threat to the Olympic Games." He said: "Bedbugs before and they will exist afterwards." A sanitation expert . She said the problem was, "an emerging phenomenon…almost everywhere in the world".

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