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France is coming [under / over] attack from a tiny menace – the bedbug. Many videos have been posted [in / on] social media with footage of the bugs crawling [around / abound] in trains on the Paris metro. Sightings have also been reported in cinemas, museums, and [even / ever] at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport. Emmanuel Gregoire, the deputy mayor [at / of] Paris, admitted there was a [proliferation / profiterole] of the minute creatures. He reassured people [of / by] saying his government was taking action to deal [at / with] the "widespread" rise in bedbugs. He also said: "You have to understand that in reality no one is safe. Obviously, there are risk [factors / factories] , but, you can catch bedbugs anywhere in the world and [bring / emigrate] them home."

France's bedbug problem is not new. Three years ago, the government [launched / rocketed] an anti-bedbug campaign to reduce the [incident / incidences] of infestations in cities. However, despite introducing several [measures / measurements] , the numbers of the blood-sucking insects have [usurped / surged] . A new initiative is being introduced to cut bug [populace / populations] , ahead [of / on] the Paris Olympics in 2024. This includes hiring fumigation companies to help [exonerate / exterminate] the bugs. Mr Gregoire said: "There is no [treat / threat] to the Olympic Games." He said: "Bedbugs existed before and they will [exist / desist] afterwards." A sanitation expert agreed. She said the problem was, "an [exciting / emerging] phenomenon…almost everywhere in the world".

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