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There has been a spate of muggings in cities across the globe as muggers are focusing on a new item to steal – luxury coats. In recent weeks, people in London, Washington DC and other metropolitan areas have been robbed of their coats at knifepoint. One man in Birmingham in the UK was slashed across his face as thieves made off with his jacket. Criminals are targeting coats that cost as much as $2,200 each. As well as literally stealing the coats off people's backs, thieves are breaking into people's vehicles. Professor David Wilson, a criminologist at Birmingham City University, warned that the muggings were the start of a new "luxury crime trend". He said the thefts were "worrying".

Professor Wilson warned those with high-end winter jackets to be careful. He said: "I would tell anyone wearing Canada Goose branded jackets to be careful and be aware of your surroundings and who is around you. You have to be vigilant for opportunists who might try to steal them." He added that: "Thieves used to target Rolex watches which go for thousands of pounds and then sell them online." A London Transport spokesperson said: "Canada Goose coats are targeted for robbery. It's a real concern to us because it really impacts the safety of young people on the network." She added that this "acquisitive crime" was "very concerning, intimidating and frightening".



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