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The 1984 movie "Purple Rain" is going to be made a musical Broadway, New York. The film was made the artist Prince. He also starred it. This should encourage people to go to see the musical version. The producers the new musical are excited their project. They said: "It's been 40 years since Prince's legendary film took the world storm. We can't think a more fitting tribute to honour Prince and his legacy than with this stage adaptation the beloved story." They added: "We can't wait a new generation to discover 'Purple Rain' and…to experience its power once again, this time live."

"Purple Rain" the movie won an Academy Award Best Original Song Score. Many critics believe "Purple Rain" is one the greatest musical films. "Purple Rain" the album spent 24 consecutive weeks number one in the USA's Billboard 200 music chart. It spent a total 167 weeks on that chart. It contains the smash hit "When Doves Cry". The movie is an aspiring singer and guitarist who was trying to become famous. The story shows his complicated home life, his battles his musical rivals, and a new romance. Prince died in 2016 an overdose of painkiller drugs. He sold 100 million records worldwide. This makes him one the best-selling music artists all time.

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