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The words
The 1984 movie "Purple Rain" is going to be made [into / onto] a musical on Broadway, New York. The film was based [on / of] the album of the same name made by the artist Prince. He also [starred / stared] in it. This should encourage people to go to see the musical [vision / version] . The producers of the new musical are [excited / exciting] about their project. They said: "It's been 40 years [since / for] Prince's legendary film took the world by [storm / thunder] . We can't think of a more [fattening / fitting] tribute to honour Prince and his legacy than with this stage adaptation of the [belove / beloved] story." They added: "We can't wait for a new generation to discover 'Purple Rain' and…to experience its power once again, this time [lively / live] ."

"Purple Rain" the movie [won / beat] an Academy Award for Best Original Song Score. Many [criticisms / critics] believe "Purple Rain" is one of the greatest [musical / musically] films. "Purple Rain" the album [spent / used] 24 consecutive weeks at number [once / one] in the USA's Billboard 200 music chart. It spent a total of 167 weeks on that [charts / chart] . It contains the smash hit "When Doves Cry". The movie is about an [aspiring / aspect] singer and guitarist who was trying to become famous. The story shows his complicated [house / home] life, his battles with his musical rivals, and a new romance. Prince [died / death] in 2016 from an overdose of painkiller drugs. He sold over 100 million records worldwide. This makes him one of the best-selling music artists of [every / all] time.

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