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call say cause extend measure rank be reach need occur
take need inform communicate cause increase heat make be keep
Weather experts are for a new, stronger category for hurricanes. They this is because climate change is more powerful storms. Scientists in the USA want to the current scale used to hurricanes. This scale storms from 1 to 5. A category five currently the strongest. This is when winds 252 kph. The meteorologists say a new category of 6 is for winds of over 309 kph. Their studies show that in the past decade, there have been five hurricanes and typhoons that would have been a category 6. Hurricanes and typhoons are the same weather phenomenon. The former start in the Atlantic Ocean, while the latter in the north-western Pacific Ocean.

Meteorologist Dr James Kossin said it would a long time for a new category 6 to be accepted. It would the USA's National Hurricane Center to start researching more intense storms. Dr Kossin hopes to, " broader discussions about how to better risk in a warming world". He said "significantly increasing" temperatures are by greenhouse gas emissions. This in emissions is oceans, which gives the water extra energy. This hurricanes more powerful, with much higher wind speeds. He believes there will a greater number of "super-storms" in the future. He said: "These storms getting stronger as the climate changes."

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