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The words
Weather [experts / expats] are calling for a new, stronger category for hurricanes. They say this is [because / so] climate change is causing more [powerful / powerfully] storms. Scientists in the USA want to [extensive / extend] the current scale used to [measure / measuring] hurricanes. This scale ranks storms from 1 to 5. A category five is currently the strongest. This is when winds [reach / reaches] 252 kph. The meteorologists say a new category of 6 is needed for winds of over 309 kph. Their studies show that in the [passed / past] decade, there have been five hurricanes and typhoons that would have been a category 6. Hurricanes and typhoons are the [similar / same] weather phenomenon. The [former / firmer] start in the Atlantic Ocean, while the [later / latter] occur in the north-western Pacific Ocean.

Meteorologist Dr James Kossin said it would take a [long / length] time for a new category 6 to be accepted. It would [necessary / need] the USA's National Hurricane Center to start researching more intense [storms / storm] . Dr Kossin hopes to, "[inform / infirm] broader discussions about how to better communicate risk in a [warmth / warming] world". He said "significantly increasing" [temperature / temperatures] are caused by greenhouse gas emissions. This increase in emissions is [heating / heated] oceans, which gives the water extra energy. This makes hurricanes more [power / powerful] , with much higher wind speeds. He [believes / beliefs] there will be a greater number of "super-storms" [in / on] the future. He said: "These storms keep getting stronger as the climate changes."

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