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Most small children are afraid of the dark and can have nightmares in bed. They are scared of noises at night, or are frightened of imaginary monsters in their bedroom. For one little girl in the USA, the monster turned out to be real. Three-year-old Saylor spent months telling her parents that there were "monsters in the wall" of her bedroom. Saylor's parents thought the "monsters" came from their daughter's overactive imagination. Saylor's mother said the little girl had just seen the Pixar movie Monsters, Inc. She thought that was the reason Saylor was seeing monsters. However, Saylor's parents were shocked when they found out there was something behind their daughter's bedroom wall. There were 60,000 bees.

After the mother found the bees, she called a beekeeper. The beekeeper said the insects were honeybees. These are a protected species in the USA, so they could not be killed. The beekeeper used a thermal camera to see the heat patterns behind the wall. He said he had never seen so many bees in a house. He drilled a hole in the bedroom wall and hundreds of the creatures flew out. The mother said: "They just came pouring out like a horror movie." The beekeeper has removed about 45 kg of honeycomb. The beekeeper captured the bees and put them in special boxes. They are now living in safety on a honeybee sanctuary. The bees caused more than $20,000 in damages to the house.



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