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The words
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing many things in our [live / lives] . Not all of the things are good. Some of the world's biggest record labels are [seeing / suing] two AI companies over [possible / possibly] copyright infringements. The labels include Sony Music, Universal Music Group and Warner Records. They say two AI [finish up / start-up] companies called Suno and Udio are infringing their copyrighted music on "an almost unimaginable [stale / scale] ". The labels say the AI start-ups have created [model / models] to produce music that could "saturate the [store / market] with machine-generated content". Lawyers for the record labels [speak / say] AI-generated music, "will directly compete with, cheapen and ultimately [brown / drown] out the genuine sound recordings". This could be a [disastrous / disaster] for artists.

Many AI companies say [their / them] software creates content that [are / is] protected under copyright law by the "fair [used / use] doctrine". This is a special rule that allows people to [refuse / reuse] copyrighted material legally. Fair use means people can reuse music and written articles for [songs / things] like news reporting and comedy. Suno CEO Mikey Shulman [defence / defended] his company. He said: "Our technology is transformative. It is [designing / designed] to generate completely new output, not to [memory / memorize] and regurgitate pre-existing content." However, the record labels say the start-ups have created [songs / sings] that sound exactly like "Dancing Queen" by ABBA and "My Girl" by The Temptations. The labels want compensation of $150,000 [per / for] song from the AI start-ups.

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