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A school in Britain has apologised to more than 50 students for punishing them after they wore the wrong trousers to class. Pupils at Heaton Manor school in the north of England were taken out of class and given detention for not conforming to school uniform rules. They had to spend around eight hours in a small classroom for breaking the rules. School bosses said many of the trousers were "skintight" and were not appropriate dress for school. Head teacher Lynne Ackland explained that the school had been in the process of tightening its uniform rules. She said she had not anticipated the variety of trouser styles her pupils would wear. She admitted the school had been too strict with the students.

Parents were furious at the treatment their children received. A mother of an 11-year-old told reporters: "[My daughter] was in that room for eight hours yesterday and she was deeply distressed. I'd understand if she'd behaved badly, but this is punishment for a pair of trousers the teachers don't like….She's lost two days' education because of this ridiculous rule and I'm absolutely livid." She added: "We were sent letters from the school to say pupils must wear black, tailored trousers. In my opinion, [my daughter's] trousers are tailored; they are not skintight. The school should be more specific." Ms Ackland said: "We clearly need to be much more specific with people in future."

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