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Lessons from Nov 2014 - Feb 2015

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"Easier" = Level 0, 1, 2 and 3   (CEFR A2 - B1).
"Harder" = Levels 4, 5 and 6   (CEFR B1 - C2).

Study says eyelashes keep eyes from drying
27th February - "Harder"
Scientists have come up with answers to the age-old question of why eyelashes are the length they are....
Scientists invent 'anti-ageing' chocolate
24th February - "Easier"
Imagine a new chocolate that keeps you younger looking. It seems too good to be true, but...
Japan town beats world snowman record
21st February - "Harder"
Residents of a Japanese town have broken the world speed record for building snowmen....
13-year-old invents new Braille printer
18th February - "Easier"
A 13-year old American has made a cheap machine that can help blind people read.
Indian PM says no to temple in his name
15th February - "Harder"
A temple that was built and named to honour India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi might have to be renamed. ...
HSBC bank helped the rich hide money
12th February - "Easier"
The BBC says that HSBC, the world's second largest bank, helped rich people to hide money so they would not have to pay tax.
Paris halts filming of action movies after terror attacks
9th February - "Harder"
Authorities in Paris have halted the filming of scenes from action movies on its streets in the wake of the recent terror attacks. ...
Britain says yes to 3-parent babies
5th February - "Easier"
Lawmakers in the U.K. have voted to allow doctors to create babies from the DNA of three different people.
University students take 'impossible' exam
1st February - "Easier"
Final-year students at a university in England are angry after they took an economics exam.
Workaholic fathers 'leave orphans'
30th January - "Harder"
The head of the Roman Catholic Church Pope Francis has issued a stern warning to fathers who work long hours....
90-year-old starts elementary school
28th January - "Easier"
A 90-year-old Kenyan grandmother has become the world's oldest elementary school student.
Tech giants woo 15-year-old whizzkid
26th January - "Harder"
Tech giants Facebook and Google are in competition to attract the talents of a 15-year-old app developer....
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah dies
24th January - "Easier"
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz passed away early Friday morning. The king was the world's oldest leader.
Man sues women's university
22nd January - "Harder"
A man has filed a lawsuit against an all-women's university in Japan after they rejected his application to join the university because he is male....
Academy Awards are 'for white men'
20th January - "Easier"
Many people in the movie world are angry that Hollywood and the movie industry are run by "old white men".
School students do not shower after sports class
18th January - "Harder"
A report has found that more than half of high school boys and two-thirds of girls never shower after a physical education class....
Unemployed young people very stressed
16th January - "Easier"
A new survey from Britain shows that a third of young, unemployed people regularly "fall apart" emotionally.
Hospital chains toys to beds to stop thieves
14th January - "Harder"
Fourteen hospitals in Wales have started chaining children's toys and other playthings to beds in an attempt to prevent thieves...
Record number of flowers bloom
12th January - "Easier"
Botanists in the U.K. are amazed at how many flowers are in bloom this winter. On New Year's Day, scientists found 368 different species in bloom.
Keeping cold could keep you thinner
10th January - "Harder"
Scientists have discovered that staying in the cold could help us lose weight. ...
Man waits 3 hours for ambulance
8th January - "Easier"
A man who broke his leg in Wales had to wait for three hours for an ambulance to arrive. Luigi Segadelli, 30, broke his leg while playing in a rugby match.
30 million people invited to read books
6th January - "Harder"
The co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has launched what could be the world's largest ever book club. ...
Fatherhood lessons to help families stay together
4th January - "Easier"
The British government has started a new project to help men manage the responsibilities of fatherhood.
New Year's resolutions difficult to keep
2nd January - "Harder"
The start of every New Year is when we all make plans to change our life for the better over the forthcoming twelve months....
Xiaomi becomes third-largest smartphone maker
31st December - "Easier"
A four-year-old Chinese tech company has become the world's third-largest smartphone maker, behind Samsung and Apple.
Russia says NATO is its biggest threat
29th December - "Harder"
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a new military doctrine that says NATO is one of Russia's biggest dangers....
Video games should be in Olympics
27th December - "Easier"
A top designer for one of the world's most popular computer games has said that video games should be an Olympics sport.
Children in US safest for two decades
25th December - "Harder"
A report from Duke University in the USA says American children are safer today than at any time in the past 20 years....
Pie-eating contest ends because pies too big
23rd December - "Easier"
The annual World Pie Eating Championships in England ended in disaster on Friday because the pies were too big.
Hacked Sony film raises US - N. Korea tensions
21st December - "Harder"
Tensions between the USA and North Korea are rising following the cyber-attack on the film company Sony Pictures....
Major breakthrough in US-Cuba relations
19th December - "Easier"
A new chapter is starting with relations between the USA and Cuba. The two countries have had very little contact...
Spicy food linked to higher testosterone levels
17th December - "Harder"
Scientists in France say they have found a link between eating spicy food and high levels of testosterone in men. ...
Korean Air exec quits after 'nut-rage'
15th December - "Easier"
The vice-president of Korean Air has quit over an embarrassing incident involving a bag of nuts.
Researchers work out Santa Claus' salary
13th December - "Harder"
People have wondered for years what Santa does and how he does it for free. Researchers have now come up with an answer to these age-old questions. ...
TV sales fell for the first time ever in U.K.
11th December - "Easier"
A new report from Britain shows that things are not looking good for companies who sell televisions.
Famous scientist says A.I. could destroy us
9th December - "Harder"
Professor Stephen Hawking has warned that robots and machines with artificial intelligence could one day mean the end of us all. ...
Disabled access to U.K. stores poor
7th December - "Easier"
A new report from the British government says access for disabled people in stores in Britain is "shocking".
Bacteria-filled concrete to end holes in roads
5th December - "Harder"
Drivers the world over may soon have respite from potholes and cracks in the road. Scientists have come up with a....
Irish woman on soccer Goal of the Year list
3rd December - "Easier"
An Irish woman could win the prize for soccer's world goal of the year competition. The woman is Stephanie Roche, 26, who plays...
Sony plans to launch electronic-paper watch
1st December - "Harder"
The electronics giant Sony is gearing up for the launch of a watch made out of electronic paper....
Black Friday brings out bargain hunters
29th November - "Easier"
One of the biggest shopping days of the year has brought out millions of bargain hunters across the world.
Pope attacks Europe's throwaway culture
27th November - "Harder"
Pope Francis delivered a damning message to European leaders on Tuesday when he addressed the European Parliament in Strasbourg. ...
Price war over taxi apps
25th November - "Easier"
A price war has broken out across the world among taxi companies. There is increasing competition for passengers because of the different apps that can order taxis.
Indonesia leader flies economy class
23rd November - "Harder"
Indonesian President Joko Widodo has adopted a spirit of austerity by flying economy class....
Unhappy marriages can break the heart
21st November - "Easier"
A new study shows that people in unhappy marriages have a higher risk of getting a broken heart. A bad marriage is riskier for older women.
Japan recession may hurt global economy
19th November - "Harder"
Japan has slipped back into recession, leaving financial analysts to ponder over the implications for the global economy. ...
McDonald's says no GM French fries
17th November - "Easier"
The U.S. government has said a new, genetically modified potato is OK to eat, but McDonald's said it will not use it in its French fries and hash browns.
Pope OKs showers for homeless in Rome
15th November - "Harder"
Pope Francis has given the green light for three showers to be installed in the Vatican so the homeless have a free place to wash. ...
Hip-hop can help mental illness
13th November - "Easier"
Doctors at Britain's world famous Cambridge University believe that hip-hop music can help people who are depressed or mentally ill.
Ex-Soviet leader warns of new Cold War
11th November - "Harder"
It is 25 years since the Berlin Wall came down. For many, it represented the beginning of the end of communism in Europe and of a world divided by the Cold War. ...
Lower speed limit for New York City
9th November - "Easier"
Drivers in New York City will have to drive more slowly from Friday. The city has introduced a new speed limit of 25 mph (40 kph).
Overtime becomes part of holiday pay
7th November - "Harder"
Companies in the UK face a multibillion-dollar bill after a court ruled that overtime should be a factor in the calculation of holiday pay....
Europe needs to support technology more
5th November - "Easier"
The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Google Larry Page has told European governments they need to be more like Silicon Valley.
Hungary freezes Internet tax plan
3rd November - "Harder"
A proposed tax on the Internet has been put on hold by the Hungarian Prime Minister. Hungary's government was pushing full steam ahead to impose a tax on Internet traffic. ...
Galapagos tortoises out of danger
1st November - "Easier"
Giant Galapagos tortoises used to be a symbol for endangered animals. In the 1960s, there were just 15 of the animals in existence.

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