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Lessons from Jul 2013 - Oct 2013

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"Easier" = Level 0, 1, 2 and 3.
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Britney Spears' music scares off pirates
31st October - "Easier"
Ship captains in the Indian Ocean are using a new tactic to keep pirates away songs sung by U.S. pop star Britney Spears.
Media says Obama knew US spied on Merkel
29th October - "Harder"
Several German news sources are questioning how much President Obama knows about the US spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel....
Japanese food to get UNESCO status
27th October - "Easier"
The United Nations is going to put traditional Japanese food on its list of important world cuisines.
Baldness treatment a 'step closer'
25th October - "Harder"
Help may soon be at hand (or head) for the millions around the world who suffer from and worry about baldness. Scientists say they are close to ...
More people think online dating is OK
23rd October - "Easier"
A new report says most Americans think online dating is a good way to meet people. Almost 60 per cent of Internet users said....
Housework not good exercise, says study
21st October - "Harder"
A new study suggests housework is not the quality form of exercise many people consider it to be. The report even said that those who ....
BBC plans 2,500 hours of World War I shows
19th October - "Easier"
The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has released details of its programme schedule to mark the centenary of World War I. It is planning...
Eating popcorn makes ads less effective
17th October - "Harder"
The advertising people see while at the movies is less effective when audiences eat popcorn. This is the conclusion of a newly-published study....
Education adviser attacks UK schools
15th October - "Easier"
A top adviser to the British government has attacked the quality of British schools and teachers.
Republicans and Obama in debt crisis talks
13th October - "Harder"
After more than ten days of stalemate in the U.S., things have finally begun to start moving. Both sides sat down for talks about the....
No Lesson
Top store hits back at "wardrobing" fraud
9th October - "Harder"
An upmarket chain of U.S. department stores has taken action to stop people buying expensive clothes, wearing them once and then....
Jet-lag drug is a step closer
7th October - "Easier"
Everybody who flies long distances hates jet lag. Traveling across different time zones upsets your body clock. People can have jet lag for...
No Lesson
Hunger affects one in eight people
3rd October - "Easier"
A new report from the United Nations says one in eight people around the world does not have enough food. The U.N. reports that....
New TomTato plant grows potatoes and tomatoes
1st October - "Harder"
A horticultural company in the U.K. is marketing a revolutionary new plant that grows both tomatoes and potatoes. It is called the TomTato and ....
No Lesson
Iran's Rouhani addresses UN General Assembly
27th September - "Harder"
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani addressed the United Nation's General Assembly on Tuesday, calling for "constructive engagement" with....
Scientists find gene that erases memories
25th September - "Easier"
Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found the gene that could help people forget traumatic experiences....
Multiple-path stories for English students
23rd September - "Harder"
A new project to help English learners with their reading skills may soon be under way, if the developers can reach their funding target. ...
Syria says it will destroy chemical weapons
21st September - "Easier"
The president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, has said he will follow a plan to destroy his country's chemical weapons. He told reporters....
No Lesson
Blobfish are the ugliest animals
17th September - "Easier"
Most people do not know what a blobfish is. It is the world's ugliest animal. It is also the new mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society.
A third of kids get no bedtime story
15th September - "Harder"
It seems the age-old tradition of children getting a bedtime story before sleeping is on the wane in Britain. A new study reveals that around a third....
Women should have babies before 35
13th September - "Easier"
A top expert on fertility has said women should have babies before they are 35 years old. She said the age of 35 is like when the "clock strikes 12".
Trekker lost in Andes found alive
11th September - "Harder"
A Uruguayan man who disappeared before the start of winter in the Andes Mountains has been found alive and well. Raul Fernando Gomez, 58, got lost in a snow blizzard while ....
Police arrest a coconut
9th September - "Easier"
Police officers in the Maldives have arrested a coconut. They said it was full of black magic and that someone was using it to try and change the results of an election.
Samsung unveils new smartwatch
7th September - "Harder"
Samsung has entered the newly-emerging smartwatch market by unveiling its multi-function timepiece, the Galaxy Gear. It is a digital....
EU plans to stop cars speeding
5th September - "Easier"
The European Union has a plan to stop cars speeding. It hopes to reduce the number of people who die in traffic accidents...
Internet damaging 20,000 U.K. stores
3rd September - "Harder"
The Internet has changed the nature of the way we shop. More and more of us are shopping online instead of in "bricks and mortar" stores....
U.S. fast-food workers stop working
1st September - "Easier"
Fast-food workers in 58 cities in the USA did not go to work on Thursday. They went on strike because they want more money.
Spanish festival charges for tomato throwing
30th August - "Harder"
Spain's economic woes have led to one of its famous Tomatina tomato-throwing festival becoming a "pay-to-join" event....
First photos of Prince George
28th August - "Easier"
Britain's royal family released the first official photos of Prince George on Sunday. The photos are a little different because a royal photographer....
Volunteering helps you live longer
26th August - "Harder"
Volunteering can make you happier and help you live longer, according to a new study. A research paper published on Friday in the journal...
No Lesson
One Direction's movie premieres in London
22nd August - "Harder"
The British boy band One Direction created a frenzy in the heart of London when thousands of adoring fans turned up to see their....
Good grammar means more money
20th August - "Easier"
Most people think big companies use grammar very well. A new study shows that big companies make grammar mistakes.
Facebook "selfies" can harm relationships
18th August - "Harder"
A study from the U.K. indicates that people who post too many "selfies" (photos of themselves) on Facebook and similar social networks....
Google starts one-dollar charity app
16th August - "Easier"
The search engine giant Google has started a new app that lets people give just $1 to different charities. Its 'One Today' app shows....
Scientists search for real Mona Lisa
14th August - "Harder"
Scientists say they are close to finding the remains of the woman who modelled for Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece the Mona Lisa....
U.K. sending warships to Gibraltar
12th August - "Easier"
Britain says it will send ten warships to Gibraltar on Monday. The ships will make a stop on their way to the Middle East. Many people...
Mothers face workplace discrimination
10th August - "Harder"
More than one in four British mothers who have returned to work feel discriminated against. This is according to a survey conducted by...
People eat first "Google burger"
8th August - "Easier"
Two food critics have eaten meat that was grown in a lab. It is the first time anyone has eaten artificial meat.
U.S. rock group banned from Russia
6th August - "Harder"
A rock group from the USA have been banned from performing at a music festival in Russia after the bass player stuffed the Russian flag inside...
Babies given away on Pakistan TV show
4th August - "Easier"
A talk show in Pakistan has given away two baby girls live on television. The show is called Aman Ramzan and it is hosted by a popular celebrity Aamir Liaquat Hussain.
Saudi prince says fracking will hurt his nation
2nd August - "Harder"
A Saudi billionaire prince has warned that his country's economy faces danger unless it diversifies away from oil. A whopping 92 per cent....
No Lesson
'World of Warcraft' loses 2 million players
29th July - "Harder"
Two million people have stopped playing "World of Warcraft", one of the world's favourite online games, in 2013....
Ex-US President shaves head to help boy
27th July - "Easier"
Ex-U.S. President George H.W. Bush has shaved his head to make a 2-year-old boy feel better. The boy, Patrick, is the son ...
Scientists discover depression molecule
25th July - "Harder"
Scientists say they have discovered the part of the brain that is responsible for us feeling miserable, anxious and stressed....
Superman & Batman to be in same movie
23rd July - "Easier"
Superman and Batman will be in the same film together for the first time ever. The movie will be in cinemas in the summer of 2015.
U.S. city of Detroit goes bankrupt
21st July - "Harder"
Detroit, once a powerhouse of American industry, has filed for bankruptcy, to become the biggest city to declare insolvency in U.S. history....
Palm surgery to change your future
19th July - "Easier"
People in Japan are having surgery on their hands to change their future. The Japanese are big believers in palm reading. They spend a lot of money on visiting palm readers.
: No Lesson
Typewriters to stop Russian computer leaks
15th July - "Easier"
Western newspapers are reporting that Russia is to start using typewriters to stop computer leaks. However, Russian newspapers say this is not true.
No frying eggs in Death Valley, says park
13th July - "Harder"
Officials at the Death Valley National Park have appealed to visitors to refrain from trying to fry eggs on rocks or the ground....
Letter of the alphabet for 'the' invented
11th July- "Easier"
An Australian businessman has invented a new, 27th, letter for the English alphabet. It is a symbol to replace the word "the".
No Lesson
Woman marries a bridge
7th July - "Easier"
Artist Jodi Rose fell in love with the 600-year-old Le Pont du Diable (the Devil's Bridge) in France and got married to it last month.
Indian repatriates 3,700 prisoners in UAE
5th July - "Harder"
An Indian businessman in the UAE has helped repatriate nearly 3,700 prisoners trapped in a legal limbo in the United Arab Emirates.
World's largest building opens in China
3rd July - "Easier"
China is building up a large collection of the biggest things in the world. The latest addition is the world's largest building.
Obama praises Mandela as an "inspiration"
1st July - "Harder"
U.S. President Barack Obama has hailed Nelson Mandela as a personal inspiration while on a visit to South Africa....

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