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Scientists may have discovered something that ice cream lovers around the world will welcome. They found a new bacteria that could slow down the speed ice cream melts at. It also gives the ice cream a smooth texture. The bacteria is naturally occurring and keeps ice cream frozen for longer during hot weather. Research teams at two universities in Scotland said the protein slows down the melting process through a bonding of air, water and fat. The project's leader said: "We're excited by the potential this new ingredient has for improving ice cream."

The protein is a friendly bacteria that could reduce levels of saturated fat and calories in food. It could be very beneficial to food companies. It also has green credentials as it is made from sustainable raw materials. Another researcher described the research as being very enjoyable. She said: "It has been fun working on the applied use of a protein that was initially identified due to its practical purpose in bacteria." The researchers say that that ice cream made with the new bacteria could be in supermarkets in the next three to five years.

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