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A restaurant in Italy is the of the 2016 World's 50 Best Restaurants award. The awards is like the Oscars of the food world. The Osteria Francescana restaurant was named one. Italian food is loved , but this is the first an Italian restaurant has won the . The Osteria Francescana came second in 2015. The chef and owner is Mr Massimo Bottura. He was very when he got his . He said: "I want to thank ….Our job is all about …in the kitchen."

Winning the award is good for . The restaurant is booked until November. People must reserve six months . Customers will fly to Italy to eat at the restaurant. Bottura won for his and original food, and traditional . He makes amazing with cheese that people have never seen before. One of his best-known is a called, "Oops, I Dropped the Lemon Tart". The chef drops it from a metre onto a .

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