Speed Reading — Level 4 — 200 wpm 

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Nintendo has released an app that everyone is talking about. It is an augmented reality game called Pokemon Go. Players walk around the real world to get imaginary creatures called Pokemon (pocket monsters). The app will soon overtake Twitter in the number of daily active users. Analysts say that in 48 hours, Go was on 5.6 per cent of all Android devices in the USA. Users are spending twice as much time on Go than on apps like Snapchat.

Pokemon Go is number one in app stores. It is also having a huge impact. Hackers have infected millions of smart phones through illegal copies of the app. Other criminals are tricking players to go somewhere to get a Pokemon character and then rob them. The app tracks your location via GPS. PCmag.com advised: "Don't go walking around neighborhoods late at night for your Pokemon fix." It suggested collecting Pokemon in crowded places to be safe.

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