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A new says the world needs another 69 million teachers by 2030. The United Nations (UN) UNESCO made a that every child in the world would get a primary and education in the 14 years. UNESCO says a lot of needs to be done to find teachers. The biggest numbers are needed in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. At the moment, UNESCO says there are "massive shortages" of teachers. There are 263 million children who do not go to school. Around 25 million of these might go.

The UN warns there are of teachers in countries with populations. This makes it harder to find enough teachers as there are more children. The UN says that without " action" things will get . UNESCO is also worried about the of teachers. In countries like Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone, than 60 per cent of primary school teachers are . There are also about class sizes. The UN says: "In countries like Malawi, it is to find over 100 children in classes….This has been a [non-] problem for many years."

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