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The words
A 30-second video from a railway [companion / company] in Japan has made many women angry. The video is aimed [for / at] stopping women from putting on make-up while riding [on / at] trains. It is from the Japanese railway operator Tokyu Corporation. It [has / writes] the lines: "Women in the city are all beautiful. But they are ugly to see, at [time / times] ….Please refrain from putting on make-up on the train." A spokesman for Tokyu said that the no-make-up video campaign is [part / partner] one of an eight-part video [serious / series] aimed at educating passengers on train etiquette. It wants people to follow [rules / rule] and be well mannered on the trains. Tokyu said it had [received / receiving] more positive feedback about the make-up video than negative feedback, and that it would continue [shoving / showing] it.

Many women have [criticized / critical] the video on social media as [been / being] sexist. A Twitter user wrote: "I can understand if Tokyu's ad asks me to stop [putting / patting] make-up on because [powdery / powder] might spill or its smell [bothers / bothersome] others, but a train company has no right to tell me [weather / whether] I look beautiful or ugly." Another wrote: "If Tokyu wants to clamp [down / up] on people who make others uncomfortable, it should create a video [targeting / target] people with body odors, or people who smell of alcohol or vomit." In a 2015 survey, passengers said watching women put on make-up was number [eighth / eight] on a list of the biggest nuisances on trains. Other nuisances included men groping women and people talking [loudly / loud] on smartphones.

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