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   at      behind      for      for      from      from      from      in      in      of      of      of      of      of      of      of      of      of      on      through      with  
A charity has released a series Christmas cards a difference. The non-profit organization Doctors of the World is selling four different cards showing traditional Christmas scenes the Holy Land. However, the pictures also contain images the war in Syria. The Doctors of the World want to make people aware that there is still a lot suffering going in the world, especially Syria. One Christmas card shows Mary and Joseph travelling on a donkey the rubble of modern day, war-torn Syria. Another shows the baby Jesus asleep in his manger as a missile is fired the distance him. The next card shows the three wise men looking up warplanes flying overhead.

The Doctors the World website explained the reason their alternative Christmas cards. It said: "Rather than making a religious statement, these images seek to remind the public that this year war has forced millions their homes, and they really need our help." Money the sale the cards will help buy medicine and medical equipment people in Syria and other areas conflict around the world. The website said: "By purchasing our cards, you are helping us to provide healthcare to the most vulnerable, and together we will [put back] a little the most festive feeling all – hope." The United Nations estimates that 65 million people have fled their homes because violence and war.

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