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The words
A charity has [released / releasing] a series of Christmas cards with a [difference / different] . The non-profit organization Doctors of the World is selling four different cards [show / showing] traditional Christmas scenes from the Holy Land. However, the pictures also [contain / contents] images of the war in Syria. The Doctors of the World want to [make / take] people aware that there is still a lot of [suffer / suffering] going on in the world, especially in Syria. One Christmas card shows Mary and Joseph travelling [on / in] a donkey through the rubble of modern [week / day] , war-torn Syria. Another shows the baby Jesus asleep in his [manager / manger] as a missile is fired in the distance behind him. The next card shows the three wise men looking up at warplanes [flying / flight] overhead.

The Doctors of the World website [explanation / explained] the reason for their alternative Christmas cards. It said: "[Rather / Prefer] than making a religious statement, these [images / image] seek to [remind / remember] the public that this year war has forced millions from their homes, and they really [need / needing] our help." Money from the sale of the cards will help buy medicine and [medically / medical] equipment for people in Syria and other [area / areas] of conflict around the world. The website said: "By [purchase / purchasing] our cards, you are helping us to provide healthcare to the most vulnerable, and together we will put back a little of the most festive feeling of all – [hope / hopefully] ." The United Nations estimates that 65 million people have fled their homes because of [violent / violence] and war.

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