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   account      advanced      app      change      concept      confident      convenient      counters      experience      extremely      giant      later      low      online      shopper      shopping      store      technology      what      worldwide  
Amazon is trialling what it says is the world's most shopping technology. It is its new- grocery store called Amazon Go. It has no checkout , cashiers or queues. The technology works via an on a shopper's mobile device. The app checks in when the enters the store. It lets you shop and then scans you have bought as you leave the . Amazon then bills you and your shopping is charged to your Amazon . There is no being held up by slow customers, people using credit cards or by waiting for .

Amazon Go may improve the high street shopping and provide a boost for brick-and-mortar stores. The grocery and convenience store markets are tough to crack. Profit margins are and competition is strong. Amazon seems it can succeed. Rumours are the retail has plans for 2,000 grocery stores across the USA. It could also sell its shopping software to retailers . An industry analyst said Amazon Go could change . He said: "It makes it just as , if not more convenient, than shopping."

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