Gap Fill - Hacking - Level 6


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   accusations      action      angrily      certainly      compounds      crisis      decisions      diplomats      election      footing      head      inauguration      involvement      process      response      servers      severe      since      ungrounded      voters  
A new is looming between the USA and Russia. It has been brewing the U.S. presidential in November amid by Hillary Clinton's team of Russian interference in the electoral . U.S. officials claimed that Russian intelligence agencies hacked into and stole e-mails from the of Ms Clinton's party and released them on the Wikileaks website. The officials said Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to influence American into voting for President-elect Donald Trump. President Barack Obama vowed to take over the allegations and has expelled 35 Russian from Washington. He has also shut down two Russian intelligence in the U.S.

Russia has responded to the expulsions and has denied any in the alleged hacking. It called the U.S. actions "". It is likely there will be a tit-for-tat response from Russia. Moscow has promised an "appropriate " and "counter-measures". Any retaliation, however, may be less due to the upcoming of Mr Trump as President. A Russian spokesman said: "These were taken by President Obama, but Trump will become the of state in three weeks' time. Of course, this factor will be taken into account one way or another." Mr Trump seeks to put US-Russian relations on a better and has a good relationship with Mr Putin.

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