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The words
The world's eight richest men have as [many / much] money as half the world. A new report from the charity Oxfam said eight billionaires are [was / as] rich as the 3.6 billion poorest people [in / on] the world. Six of the world's richest people are [for / from] the USA. The richest is Microsoft founder Bill Gates, [who / that] is worth $75 billion. Amazon and Facebook founders Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg both have wealth [estimated / esteemed] to be around $45 billion. Oxfam's report is [name / called] 'An Economy for the 99 Per Cent'. Oxfam said: "It shows that the [lap / gap] between rich and poor is far greater than had been [afraid / feared] ." It added that businesses and the "super-rich" are creating greater income inequality [by / at] avoiding tax and paying low wages.

Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of Oxfam International, said: "It is [scene / obscene] for so much wealth to be held in the [feet / hands] of so few when 1 in 10 people survive [in / on] less than $2 a [daily / day] . Inequality is [trapping / trapped] hundreds of millions in poverty." She added that: "Across the world, people are being left [ahead / behind] . Their wages are not going up yet corporate [bosses / boss] take home million-dollar bonuses." She said governments only care about big business and a "wealthy elite". Economist Mark Littlewood attacked the report as being [unfairly / unfair] . He said: "As an 'anti-poverty' charity, Oxfam seems to [be / have] strangely obsessed with the rich." He said Oxfam should focus on [weighs / ways] to boost growth instead of complaining about the rich.

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