Speed Reading — Bio-terrorism - Level 4 — 200 wpm

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Bill Gates warned the world could be in danger from bio-terrorism. He said terrorist-made viruses could kill 30 million people in a year. Mr Gates was speaking at a security conference. He said there was a "reasonable" chance of a bio-terrorist attack in the next 15 years. He was surprised that few leaders are aware of this. He wants leaders to be more prepared. He asked for global "health security" to become a big part of government discussions and policies.

Mr Gates said the next epidemic could be made on a computer. A genetically engineered virus was easier to make and would be deadlier than nuclear bombs. He wants governments to prepare for epidemics like they do for war. He said there should be germ games, just like there are war games. He also urged the better monitoring of outbreaks, the development of vaccines within weeks rather than years, and better drugs, antibodies and diagnostics.

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