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fire be be think believe address see remove confirm receive
say investigate try cover deny do remove be lead say
President Trump has James Comey, the now former Director and boss of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It only the second time in US history for the boss of the FBI to fired. Mr Comey at first the news of his firing was a prank and he didn't it. He was in Los Angeles to employees at an FBI field office. While talking to FBI agents, he a news program reporting on the fact that President Trump had him from his position. FBI staff then to Mr Comey that he had indeed been fired. The White House hand delivered a letter from President Trump to Mr Comey at his Washington office informing him of his firing, but Comey was not there to it.

The sacking is now a huge political story in the USA. Many newspapers and TV news stations are Mr Comey was fired because he was President Trump's alleged links to Russia. Journalists are saying the sacking is to to up a scandal concerning President Trump and Russia. The White House this, saying the sacking had nothing to with Russia. Officials stated that Comey was from his position because of his mishandling of investigations into Hillary Clinton's e-mails when she Secretary of State. They said this left him unable to effectively the FBI. President Trump it was time for a "new beginning" at the USA's "crown jewel of law enforcement".

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