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President Trump has [fired / fried] James Comey, the now [firmer / former] Director and boss of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It is only the second [time / times] in US history for the boss of the FBI to be fired. Mr Comey at [first / firstly] thought the news of his firing was a [plank / prank] and he didn't believe it. He was in Los Angeles to [redress / address] employees at an FBI field office. While talking to FBI agents, he saw a news program reporting on the [factual / fact] that President Trump had removed him from his position. FBI staff then [conformed / confirmed] to Mr Comey that he had indeed been fired. The White House [hand / handed] delivered a letter from President Trump to Mr Comey at his Washington office informing him of his firing, but Comey was not [there / here] to receive it.

The sacking is now a huge [political / politic] story in the USA. Many newspapers and TV news stations are [saying / said] Mr Comey was fired because he was [investigation / investigating] President Trump's alleged links to Russia. Journalists are saying the sacking is to [trial / try] to cover up a scandal [concerning / concerns] President Trump and Russia. The White House denied this, saying the sacking had nothing to do [within / with] Russia. Officials stated that Comey was [removal / removed] from his position because of his mishandling of investigations into Hillary Clinton's e-mails when she was Secretary of State. They said this left him [inability / unable] to effectively lead the FBI. President Trump said it was time for a "[newly / new] beginning" at the USA's "crown jewel of [lawyer / law] enforcement".

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